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     Russian song folklore is a rich treasure – it houses the original culture of Russia. Professional interest in its preservation arose not more than a hundred years ago and has been developing more intensively with years. Composers began to turn to arrangements of Russian folk songs, often creating independent works in which the song appears enriched by the author.
     "Ten Russian Folk Songs" for choir, soloists and piano, an arrangement by D. Shostakovich, was performed for the first time and recorded by the Leningrad M.Glinka Choir under V. Chernushenko in 1981. While the author was alive, this composition was not published and remained little known. The cycle consists of two parts, contrasting in genre. The first are marching songs in energetic march rhythm and present the genre of Cossacks song. The theme of the War of 1812 runs through these songs. The second part consists of five lyrical songs of a girls' fate and form a closed row. Its beginning and end are mournful stories of women’s lot and the middle is a merry round-dance.
     Extremely tactfully, Shostakovich uses piano accompaniment. It merges with the voices without distribing the natural flow of the melody.
     The other songs are arrangements for choir a cappella, and that is more typical of the performing tradition of Russian folk song. Their authors are famous masters of this genre. "Dubinushka" by P. Tchaikovsky, put to the lyrics of L. Trefolev, occupies a special place in this program. It is an interesting example of an original work in which dramatic development is a background for the folk song.

What kind of songs…
Arrangements of Russian folk songs

The Leningrad M. Glinka Choir
Conductor - Vladislav Chernushenko

Ten Russian Folk Songs
Arrangements for choir, soloists and piano by D.Shostakovich

1. Suddenly There Was a Crash of Thunder Over Moscow – 2:32
2. Beyond the Hills, Beyond the Valleys – 2:13
3. From Behind the Forest of Lances and Swords 2:14
4. Nights Are Dark, Clouds Are Menacing – 2:14
5. The Cuckoo is Crying – 4:49
6. Splinter – 3:30
7. My Fir-Grove – 1:37
8. In My Father’s Green Garden – 3:30
9. I Said to My Dear Friend – 4:17
10. What Kind of Songs… - 2:20

Russian Folk Songs

11. When I Was Young – 1:10   Arrangement by D. Shostakovich
12. This is Not One Path Across the Field – 5:40   Arrangements by P. Bogdanov
13. On the Hill – 1:23   Arrangement by O. Kolovsky
14. Twelve Highwaymen   (words by N. Nekrasov) – 6:28   Arrangement by O. Kolovsky
15. In the Dark Forest – 2:57   Arrangement by A. Pashchenko, words by A. Novikov.
16. Barynya – 2:00   Music by P.Chesnokov, words by L. Trefolev
17. Dubinushka, Op.32, No. 3 – 5:20

Total time – 53:23