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   In the 17th and 18th centuries, choir concertos were a major field of creative application for Ukrainian and Russian composers.  In the end of the 18th century, with styles broadening and secular principals strengthening, choir concertos lost their exclusiveness and in the 19th century mostly disappeared.  Among the last bright flight of the creative work of this genre, is the music of Artemi Vedel.

   In Vedel's choir concertos, melodies grow from folk-song roots and find deep expression in broadness of singing.  Dramatic pages of the concertos are imbued with the spirit of many genres.

   The biography of A. Vedel is surrounded by mysterious events.  It is unclear what caused his resignation and the imperial edict, which banned the performance of Vedel's works.  The reason for his arrest and confinement to a lunatic asylum, where he died, is also unknown.  Perhaps there were political reasons; but enough documentation does not exist on the matter for final judgment.

   One can hear in the sorrowful concentration and deep mediation of the concertos an autobiographical tone, interrupted by pathos and angry accusations, an echo of the tragic fate of the composer.

A. Vedel
(1767 - 1808)

    Choir Concertos
1. No. 8    I Will Bless the Lord Who Hath Given Me Counsel - 8:02
2. No. 9    I Cried to Thee, O Lord - 9:40
3. No. 10  Thou Art My Strength - 6:29
4. No. 11  I Praise Thee - 6:22
5. No. 12  Hearken, O Daughter, and Consider - 7:02
6. No. 13  How Long, O Lord - 9:16
7. No. 14  We Have No Other Help - 5:55
8. No. 15  O God, the Heathen Are Come - 9:30

             Total time - 62:16

The Kiev Lyatoshinksky Chamber Choir
Artistic Director - Victor Ikonnik
Recorded in the St. Sophia Cathedral of Kiev