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   The Ossipov Russian Folk Orchestra is one of the leading musical companies in Russia.
   In 1999 the orchestra celebrated its 80th anniversary.
   Years of creative cooperation with Russia's most prominent musicians have given the orchestra ample opportunity to represent uniquely the traditions of folk music in the country.
   The group continues to develop the ideas of their founder by collecting and making use of all existing folk instruments.  The basis of the orchestra's musical arsenal lies in their domras, balalikas, bayans and psalteries, but in it one also hears zhaleikas, brelkas, kugiklas, pipes, horns, percussions and many other instruments, through outstanding unity of which, the orchestra achieves bright, festive and pure Russian national colors.
   In addition to a multitude of unique transcriptions and arrangements of Russian folk music, the orchestra's vast and varied repertoire includes a many original works by Russian composers.
   A number of the folk pieces in the orchestra's repertoire have won wide renown and popularity due to the musicians' performances, true festivals of the art of Russian folk music.


The Moon Is Shining

 V. Andreev.
      1. Faun, waltz – 4:53
      2. Solemn polonaise – 3:10
N. Fomin

3. Symphonic poem – 8:20
V. Gorodovskaya
      4. Russian winter, musical picture – 4:21
Russian folk tunes

5. Steppe all around (arrangement by V. Gorodovskaya) - 4:47
      6. Green grass (arrangement by A. Tsygankov) – 3:11
      7. Semenovna (arrangement by E. Kuznetsov) – 3:34
A. Tsygankov
      8. Ditty, fantasia on a Russian theme – 4:39
V. Andreev
      9. Variations on the Russian folk song “The Moon Is Shining” – 2:45
A. Mosolov, V. Gavrilov
      10. Fantasia on the Russian folk song ‘Evening Bells” – 5:54
Russian folk tunes
      11. Polyanka (arrangement by P.Brailko) – 2:28
      12. Smolensk Gusachok (arrangement by A. Shirokov) – 1:45
      13. Yesterday to me, young maiden – 3:55
      14. Gnats are plenty in the woods – 1:30
      (arrangements by A. Shalov)
Nikolai and Dmitri Ossipov
      15. Fantasia on the Russian folk song ‘Kamarinskaya” – 2:43
V. Ditel
      16. Variations on the theme of the Russian folk song “Peddlers” – 4:37
A. Kurchenko
      17. Joky overture – 4:00

             Total time – 66:32

 The Ossipov Russian Folk Orchestra

Conductor Nikolai Kalinin