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   Among Russia's most well-known groups is the Siberian Violinists Ensemble headed by its permanent artistic director, Mikhail Parkhomovsky.  The ensemble has, through virtuosi and a wealth of style and timbre, so enriched the expression of the violin that they have won the recognition of numerous listeners throughout Europe and the world.
   Artists of Russia's leading opera houses take part in the ensemble's concerts: thus many years of friendship link the ensemble to noted singer, USSR People's Artist Anatoli Solovyanenko.  "Working together with this first-rate vocalist is a real aesthetic pleasure for us", said Mikhail Parkhomovsky, "Each contact with him enables us to learn much from an artist who with his mastery encourages our ensemble in its constant pursuit of perfection."
   One of the many unique recordings encompassed in their repertoire is "Seasons" by Tchaikovsky where the widely known piano interpretation of the cycle gains a new instrumental sound via the fine and graceful arrangement of Grigori Zaborov.

P. Tchaikovsky
(1840 - 1893)

       Seasons (12 characteristic picture), Op. 37
       Transcription by G. Zaborov
   1. By the Hearth (January) - 4:58
   2. Shrovetide (February) - 2:47
   3. Song of the Lark (March) - 2:40
   4. Snowdrop (April) - 2:33
   5. White Nights (May) - 3:50
   6. Barcarole (June) - 5:18
   7. Reaper's Song (July) - 1:43
   8. Harvest (August) - 3:18
   9. The Hunt (September) - 2:42
 10. Autumn Song (October) - 5:16
 11. Troika (November) - 2:59
 12. Christmas (December) - 3:39

 13. Why? (H. Heine, translated by L. Mey) - 3:04
 14. Mid the Din of the Ball (A. K. Tolstoi) - 2:02
 15. It Was in the Early Spring )A. K. Tolstoi) - 2:40
 16. Whether by Day (A. Apukhtin) - 3:08

             Total time - 52:38

Anatoli Solovyanenko, tenor
Siberian Violinists Ensemble
Artistic Director, Mikhail Perkhomovsky
Rita Bobrovich, piano