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The orchestral illustrations to A. Pushkin’s story "Snow-Storm" are based on Georgi Sviridov’s music to the film of the same name.  Sviridov’s music corresponds to the utmost with the spirit of Pushkin’s story, its simple and unaffected manner, the naiveté of the heroes and their harmoniously balanced perception of life. The music is permeated by the melodic rather originally and exquisitely. The overall orchestral coloring reveals a modern master, creating a fine stylization of another musical era.

In "Pushkin’s Garland" Georgy Sviridov used the form of Russian choral concerto, combining features of great epic canvasses and lyrical chamber miniatures. "Pushkin’s Gerald" is a real garland of Pushkin’s poetry - wonderful flowers and a wreath of laurels to the poet. There is a large number of different versatile themes, tunes and airs. Every moment they appear in new compositions and give rise to new contrasts creating amazing unity at the same time.

Georgi Sviridov
Musical illustrations to A. Pushkin’s story
The USSR TV and Radio Large Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Vladimir Fedoseyev

1. Troika – 3:08
Waltz – 3:55
Spring and Autumn - 2:05
4. Romance – 5:34
5. Pastorale – 2:12
6. Military March – 2:24
7. Wedding Ceremony – 3:02
8. Echo of Waltz – 1:52
9. Winter Road – 2:52

Pushkin’s Garland
Concerto for Chorus
Novosibirsk Chamber Choir

10. Winter Morning – 2:52
11. My Sweetheart – 5:52
12. Mary – 2:31
13. Echo – 2:52
14. Grecian Feast – 3:43
15. Musk and Camphor – 1:52
16. Reveille – 4:50
17. Natasha – 1:50
18. Raise thee, timid one – 5:16
19. Magpie Chatter – 2:51

Artistic Director Boris Pevzner (1,2,5,7)
Chamber Ensemble of the USSR TV and
Radio Large Symphony Orchestra(5,6)
N. Gerasimova (2,7,10) A. Vedernikov (7)
E. Obolenskaya (7,9), Yu. Alisova (7)
Moscow Chamber Choir
Artistic director and conductor Vladimir Minin

Total time – 61:33