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     Settings of A. Blok's poems occupy a special place in Georgi Sviridov's work.  For many years the composer has addressed his favorite poet discovering still newer facets of Alexander Blok's poetry.  What an amazing versatility of themes and plots, what a tremendous scope of feelings revealed and expressed in music.  What grandiose images, symbolizing at times the whole epoch, what a profound understanding of Blok's poetry.  Our perception of Blok no doubt owes much to Georgi Sviridov who managed to reveal its nature and convey it through music in a Russian manner.
     G. Sviridov has the honour of having discovered another great poet of Russia, Sergei Esenin, for music.  One piece on text by Esenin is "Cast Off Russia."  The verses were written during the turbulent years of the revolution.  S. Esenin's verses struck the composer with their scope and incandescent feelings, passionate lyrical statement and high tension.
     Poetical images created a large fresco which the composer so masterfully describes with rhythms and music.  Music and melody enhance Esenin's poetry creating a song, not in genre form, but as an inherent creative pulse.

Georgi Sviridov

Romances and Songs to A. Blok's Lyrics
1. Spring - 2:12
2. The Wathercock - 2:37
3. Beyond Forests, Beyond Hills - 3:12
4. Moscow Morning - 1:48
5. Passionate Vows While Parting - 3:46
6. Bride - 3:58
7. Blown by the Wind from Afar - 3:36
8. Lullaby - 2:17
9. Don't Tempt Me, Freedom - 4:09
10. In the Unmoved Hollow - 4:53
11. Tsarina and Her Daughter - 6:10

Cast Off Russia, poem, Lyrics by S. Esenin - 31:43
12. Autumn
13. I Have Left Paternal Home...
14. Open Blue. Gates of Day, Heavenly Guard...
15. Silvery Road, Where Are You Leading Me?..
16. Cast Off Russia
17. Simonet, Pyotr... Where Are You? Come...
18. Where Are You, Where Are You, Paternal Home...
19. There, Beyond the Hills of the Milky Way...
20. Blows, Blows the Horn of Death!
21. Owl's Autumn Call
22. Oh, I Trust, I Trust There is Happiness
23. Oh, Motherland, A Happy and Eternal Hour!

Total Time - 70:21

Elena Obraztsova, mezzo-soprano
Georgi Sviridov, piano
Makvala Kasrashvili, soprano (8)