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   The text to the first of "Five Choruses to Lyrics by Russian Poets" by G. Sviridov, "Of My Lost Youth" is from the 6th chapter of "The Dead Souls" by N. Gogol: a slow, sad narration of worldly apprehension.  "Son and Father Have Met" is a tragic scene from a time of civil war solved in epic spirit.
   "Poem in Memory of Sergei Esenin" is one of the major compositions of the 20th-century.  Written during a memorable period of Russia's history, a time of profound changes and transition toward a new era.  The central theme of the poem, is impacted tremendously by the composer's deeply conceived sense of historic distance and new vision.  In both concept and artistic embodiment, the poem is highly original, full of innovative discoveries.
   G. Sviridov interpreted anew one of the greatest poetic works of the 20th century.  He was able not only to see a fine lyricist in Esenin but also an a man sharing his country's lot during fateful years of its history.  Sviridov was the first to speak in music of the fate of the Russian people during the revolution.

Georgi Sviridov

       Five Choruses to Lyrics by Russian Poets
   1. Of My Lost Youth (N. Gogol) - 4:05
       (Soloist, V. Timonin, tenor)

   2. On a Blue Night (S. Esenin) - 4:13
   3. Son and Father Have Met (A. Prokofiev) - 4:27
   4. The Song's Birth (S. Orlov) - 4:05
   5. The Herd of Horses (S. Esenin) - 5:12

The Leningrad M. Glinka Choir
Conductor, V. Chernushenko

6.   Georgi Sviridov's Word
      Poem in Memory of Sergei Esenin
      for tenor, choir and orchestra
      (Lyrics by S. Esenin)
7.   My Neglected Land   __ 8:17
8.   Singing Winter
9.   The Land With Yellow Nettles - 4:00
10. Threshing-Time - 3:08
11. Summer Solstice Eve - 4:13
12. Summer Solstice Eve - 3:30
13. 1919              __ 4:58
14. Peasant Lads
15. Me - The Last of Village - 5:08
16. Sky is Like a Ball - 2:34

M. Maslennikov, tenor
Yurlov Russian Choir
Chief Choir Master, R. Pergudova
Leningrad Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra
Conductor, Yu. Temirkanov

             Total time - 67:11

Cover Painting by Larionov