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     Symphony No.3 is one of the most significant and deep works by S. Rachmaninov. It was written in 1935-1936, during the composer’s long sojourn abroad. The symphony was performed for the first time in Philadelphia under the baton of L. Stokowski.
     The images of the beloved Motherland, reminiscences and thoughts about it make up the content of the symphony, deeply imbued with Russian national color.
     "Isle of the Dead" – symphonic poem was completed by S. Rachmaninov in 1909. This is one of the most important program works by the composer. The poem was created under the influence of the canvas by the German painter A. Bocklin.
     Scherzo for Orchestra in F major – is one of the earliest orchestral works by the composer. It was completed on February 12, 1887, when Rachmaninov was less than fourteen. The scherzo’s themes, which are close to folk melodies, are elegantly developed.

S. Rachmaninov
(1873 - 1943)
Symphony No. 3
In A minor, Op.44

  1. Lento. Allegro moderato – 13:36
  2. Adagio ma non troppo – 12:30
  3. Allegro – 12:08
  4. Isle of the Dead
  5. Symphonic poem after A. Bocklin’s painting, Op.29 – 20:45

  6. Scherzo for Orchestra (1887) Edition by P.Lamm – 5:47

Total time – 64:26

The USSR Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Evgeni Svetlanov