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     Evgeni Svetlanov, People’s Artist of the USSR and Lenin prize winner, was educated at the Gnessin Pedagogical Institute of Music, then at the Moscow Conservatory - both in the class of composition (under Professor Yu. Shaporin) and conducting (under Professor A. Gauk). Svetlanov worked with the USSR Radio Symphony Orchestra and later took over the USSR Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra.  In his last years Evgeni Svetlanov was the artistic director of the USSR Symphony Orchestra.
     Constantly addressing works of different epochs, styles, and national schools, the conductor attaches great importance to performing Russian classics.
     The name of E. Svetlanov is well known to audiences throughout the world.

S. Rachmaninov

             Symphonic Dances, Op. 45

  1. Non Allegro – 11:36
  2. Andante con moto (Tempo di Valse) – 9:55
  3. Lento assai. Allegro vivace 13:38
  4. Six choirs for female voices and piano

    Op. 15 – 19:45

  5. Glory to people (N. Nekrasov)
  6. Night (V. Ladizhensky)
  7. Pine tree (M. Lermontov)
  8. Waves are dreaming (K. R.)
  9. Caged Nightingale (N. Tsyganov)
  10. Angel (M. Lermontov)
  11. Excerpts from the opera "Aleko"

  12. Introduction – 3: 27
  13. Women’s Dance – 4:00
  14. Intermezzo – 3:17
  15. Men’s Dance – 4:18

Total time – 69:56

The USSR Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Evgeni Svetlanov (1,3)
Female group of the USSR TV and Radio Large Choir
Artistic director Ludmila Ermakova (2)
Evgeni Svetlanov, piano (2)
Recorded at the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory.