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In 1888, N. Rimsky-Korsakov created his largest and most well-known symphonic work the "Scheherazade" suite.  By the end of July the score of the suite was finished, and on October 22 the author conducted the premiere performance of "Scheherazade". The work was dedicated to V. Stasov.

In the score of "Scheherazade" Rimsky-Korsakov outlined the following program: "Sultan Shakhriar, convinced of the deceit and unfaithfulness of women, pledged to execute each of his wives, but Scheherazade managed to save her life by entertaining the Sultan with tales which she narrated for 1001 nights. Thus, burning with curiosity Shakhriar constantly delayed her execution day and at last he forgot completely about his intention. Many wonders were narrated by Scheherazade who recited verses by poets and song lyrics.  She "plaited tale into a tale".

In the first edition of "Scheherazade" the titles of the movements make it evident what particular episodes of "Arabian nights" inspired the composer. In the first movement it is the sea, sometimes calm, sometimes stormy, and Sindbad the Sailor and his ship. The second movement - Prince Calendar and his story about all the wonders seen by him while on his journey. The third movement a lyrical scene - "Prince and Princess". In the fourth movement there are two independent scenes: festivity in Baghdad and a ship broken against a rock with a copper rider.

Capriccio espagnol was composed in 1887. The basis of the work was formed by the sketches of the virtuosic violin fantasia.  N. Rimsky-Korsakov wrote about Capriccio espagnol: "Spanish themes, mainly dancing in style, provided me with a rich material for applying various orchestral effects." Five movements are performed without interval.

Scheherazade, symphonic suite, Op. 35

1. Largo Maestoso. Largo non troppo 9:35
2. Lento. Andantino. 11:25
3. Andantino quasi Allegretto 8:16
4. Allegro molto. Allegro molto e frenetico.
    Allegro ma non troppa e maestoso.
    Lento - 11:28

Cappriccio Espagnol, Op. 34

5. Alborada 1:11
6. Variazioni 4:52
7. Alborada 1:12
8. Scena e canto Gitano - 4:48
9. Fandango Asturiano 3:19

Total time 56:36

Boris Korsakov violin
The USSR TV and Radio large Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Vladimir Fedoseyev