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   N. Rimsky-Korsakov's opera "Pan Voyevoda" was inspired by Polish history and culture.  The music of F. Chopin largely influenced the composition.  The composer included excerpts from the opera in his suite for symphony orchestra.
   "Snow Maiden", the third opera by Rimsky-Korsakov, is a spring fairy-tale after the play by A. Ostrovsky.  Through the work, the composer created for the first time images of nature and the life of Russian people in the remote, heathen past.
   The "Coq d' Or" was Rimsky-Korsakov's last opus.  Original in its musical expression and and orchestral style, the suite was compiled by A. Glazunov and M. Steinberg according to the author's intent.
   The piece for orchestra entitled "Dubinushka" was inspired by revolutionary events.  The author here refers to a demonstration he witnessed on Tverskoi Boulevard in Moscow in September of 1905, a vast procession marching along the boulevard and singing "Dubinushka".

N. Rimsky-Korsakov
(1844 - 1908)

        Pan Voyevoda, Suite from the opera, Op. 59
1.    I. Introduction - 3:25
2.   II. Cracovienne - 3:21
3.  III. Nocturne "Moonlight" - 4:30
4.  IV. Mazurka - 4:47
5.   V. Polonaise - 6:05
         Snow Maiden, Suite from the opera - 12:45
6.     I. Introduction - 4:22
7.    II. Bird's Dance - 3:00
8.   III. Tsar Berendei's Procession - 1:58
9.   IV. Dance - 3:28
          Coq d'or, Suite from the opera
          (compiled by A. Glazunov and M. Steinberg)
10.   I. Tsar Dodon at His Home
11.  II. Tsar Dodon on the March                       __ 12:33
      III. Tsar Dodon at the Queen of Shemakha's
12. IV. Dodon's Wedding and Unhappy End - 6:06
13.     Dubinushka, Op. 62 (second version) - 4:44

             Total time - 69:32

The USSR Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra
The USSR Symphony Orchestra
Conductor, Evgeni Svetlanov

Cover sketch for a costume in Snow Maiden by Vrubel