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   The musicians performing here are widely known as the leading soloists of the world-famous "Moscow Virtuosi" Chamber Orchestra.
   Boris Garlitsky, violinist, was a student of Yuri Yankelevich and Vladimir Sivakov, laureate of the N. Paganini Competition in Genoa.  Garlitsky is a founder of the ensemble.  He has performed with the "Moscow Virtuosi" in Moscow, Leningrad, Vienna, Madrid, Tokyo, Munich, and Los Angeles.
   Violinist/conductor, Amayak Duraryan is Boris Belenky's student and a founder of both the Armenian Chamber Orchestra and the Moscow Virtuosi Orchestra.
   Grigori Kovalevsky, double-bass player, joined the "Moscow Virtuosi" Chamber Orchestra as a mature musician who had vast experience in ensemble and orchestra performing activity.  His appearances in ensembles together with S. Richter, B. Davidovich, V. Spivakov, Yu. Bashmet, V. Krainev, E. Virsaladze, M. Pletnev and E. Kissin, and with the Borodin Quartet as well as a number of classical and modern recordings have won him a high reputation.  Here he performs together with his student and son, Evgeni Kovalevsky, double-bass.
   Mikhail Milman, cellist, is an outstanding musician.  M. Rostropovich, N. Gutman, and V. Berlinsky were among his teachers.  M. Milman lead the Moscow Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra for many years prior to taking on the position as leader of the Moscow Virtuosi.

G. Rossini

   Sonata No. 1 for Two Violins, Cello and Double-Bass
   1. Moderato - 8:02
   2. Andante - 4:43
   3. Allegro - 2:49
   Duet for Cello and Double-Bass
   4. Allegro - 5:31
   5. Andante molto - 3:40
   6. Allegro - 3:48
   Sonata No. 3 for Two Violins, Cello and Double-Bass
   7. Allegro - 6:30
   8. Andante - 4:29
   9. Moderato - 3:06

L. Boccherini

   Duet for Two Violins, Op. 5 No. 2
   10. Allegro giusto - 6:17
   11. Larghetto - 2:20
   12. Menuetto - 3:25
   13. Rondo - 4:22

G. Bottesini

   14. Large Concert Duet for Violin, Double Bass and Orchestra - 14:24

             Total time - 73:26

B. Garlitsky, violin
A. Durgaryan, violin
M. Milman, cello
G. Kovalevsky, double-bass
E. Kovalevsky, double-bass
"Moscow Virtuosi" Chamber Orchestra
A. Durgaryan, conductor