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     Mass No.2 in F major by C. Monteverdi was published in Venice in 1641 in the collection of his sacred compositions.
     G. de Machaut is an important French poet and composer of the 14th century, a representative of ars nova. He is the author of numerous one-voice and polyphonic songs with instrumental accompaniment in which traditions of trouveres are combined with new polyphonic art. Unfortunately, there is very little trustworthy information about the composer; the dates of his birth and death are approximate. There is a supposition that his Messe de Nostre Dame (the first known mass written by the composer) was dedicated to the coronation of the French king Charles V (Reims, 1364).
     The name of B. Britten is known all over the world. In his vast and varied heritage, vocal genres, from operas to songs, occupy the chief place. His Ceremony of Carols is a circle of Christmas songs. Originally intended for a choir of children and harp, it is pierced with tenderness and purity. The texts are taken from medieval carols.
     Chamber Choir under V. Nesterov, a musician of great talent, appeared in 1967 at the Leningrad Choral Society and has been giving performances for more than 15 years, invariably winning the hearts of the listeners through excellent performing, variety and unique  programs.

Claudio Monteverdi
Mass No.2 in F major

1.     Kyrie 2;35
2.     Gloria 4:14
3.     Credo 6:28
4.     Sanctus 2:28
5.     Benedictus 1:35
6.     Agnus Dei 1:45

Guillaume de Machaut
Messe de Nostre Dame

7.     Kyrie 4:10
8.     Gloria 5:50
9.     Credo 7:50
10.   Sanctus 4:57
11.   Agnus Dei 3:48
12.   Ite, Misse Est 1:25

Benjamin Britten
A ceremony of Carols, Op. 28

13.   Procession 1:48
14.   Welcome Jole! 1:15
15.   There is no rose 2:07
16.   That young child 1:30
17.   Balulalow 1:14
18.   As dew in April 1:05
19.   This little babe 1:42
20.   Interlude 3:03
21.   In freezing winter night 2:47
22.   Spring carol 1:08
23.   Deo Gratias 1:02
24.   Recession 2:10

Total time 67:21

In Latin (1,2) and English(3)
Chamber Choir (1,2)
Chamber Choir female group (3)
Conductor Valentin Nesterov