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Russian Orthodox Church singing occupies a special place in old Russia’s vast and varied spiritual heritage. Its fate was such that for a long time even the fact of its existence was denied.

Old Russian culture was declared to be "the culture of great silence" which found its reflection in "silent" branches of art. While works of old Russian architecture and icon-painting had long ago become an important, integral part of world culture, samples of ancient singing, being a kind of terra incognita, were inaccessible both to wide audiences and most professional musicians.

The choir of the Moscow Patriarchate was set up through the cares of Metropolitan Pitirim of Volokolamsk and Yuriev. The choir studies the traditions of Russian choral church music, attempting to revive the peculiarities of Early Russian church singing.

Early Russian Polyphony

  1. O come, let us worship – 0:51
  2. O Thou, the Only – begotten Son – 1:43
  3. Trisagion – 2:00
  4. It is meet – 2:34
  5. Communication Verse – 10:14
  6. We have seen the true Light – 0:43
  7. Let my mouth the filled with Thy Praise – 1:19
  8. O Joyful Light – 2:03
  9. Praise ye the name of the Lord – 3:45
  10. Magnification (ordinary chant) – 1:32
  11. It is meet – 1:53
  12. To Thee, O Theotokos – 1:23
  13. Cherubical Hymn (Znamenny Chant) – 7:52
  14. Gospel Sticheron – 2:34
  15. O Heavenly King (Znamenny Chant) – 1:35
  16. From my youth up (Strochnoi Demestvenny Chant) – 3:36
  17. Hail, Theotokos Virgin (Znamenny Chant) – 1:21
  18. Behold, the Bridegroom comes in the middle of the night (Znamenny Chant) –1:56
  19. Thou hast given the adornment to Thy Church, O Lord (Sticheron to St. Serge of Radonezh Bolshoy Znamenny Chant) – 2:54
  20. Let all mortal flesh keep silence ("Another" Chant) – 6:29

Total time 58:17

Male choir of Moscow Patriarchate
Directed by Anatoly Grindenko