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There are many interpretations of F. Chopinís Etudes. All major pianists of the second half of the 19th century included them in their repertoires. Of special interest are the interpretations by the young pianists of today.

Lubov Timofeyeva is one of them.

In 1973 she graduated from the Moscow Conservatory, where she studied under Professor Yakov Zak. L Timofeyeva is a laureate of International competitions in Montreal and M. Long in Paris.

Only a very mature musician can play F. Chopinís Etudes, especially in a circle. Here L. Timofeyeva has brought out Chopinís harmonious outlook and the wealth of light colors. Even rueful, tragic works have found their place in the gamut of feelings.

Gentle lyricism Ė this is the main feature of L. Timofeyeva readings. Soft, winsome sound, heartfelt emotion, love of romantic, expressive melody Ė these features of the pianistís gift have determined the interpretations of these works.

F. Chopin
Etudes, Op 10

1.   No. 1 in C major.
2.   No. 2 in A minor
3.   No. 3 in E major
4.   No. 4 in C sharp minor
5.   No. 5 in G flat major
6.   No. 5 in E flat minor
7.   No. 7 in C major
8.   No. 8 in F major
9.   No. 9 in F minor
10. No. 10 in A flat major
11. No. 11 in E flat major
12. No. 12 in C minor

Etudes, Op 25

13. No. 1 in A flat major
14. No. 2 in F minor
15. No. 3 in F major
16. No. 4 in A minor
17. No. 5 in E minor
18. No. 6 in G sharp minor
19. No. 7 in C sharp minor
20. No. 8 in D flat major
21. No. 9 in G flat major
22. No. 10 in B minor
23. No. 11 in A minor
24. No.12 in C minor

Total time Ė 59:34