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     This CD features one of the most significant and perfect creations of the remarkable Russian composer Pavel Chesnokov.  It is the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Op. 42.
     P. Chesnokov was from a family of Music Ministers.  He was born in the Ivanovskoye village of the Zvenigorod district of the Moscow province on October 12, 1877.  At the age of five he began to sing at his father's church choir.  Very soon his unusual musical abilities and wonderful voice were revealed.  When the boy was seven years of age his parents sent him to the Moscow Synodal college of church singing, from which P. Chesnokov graduated in 1895 with the golden medal.  During his college years, P. Chesnokov's inclination for musical composition showed itself.  After college, the young regent continued his studies of composition with S. Taneyev.  In 1913 Chesnokov entered the Moscow Conservatory, which he graduated from four years later with the silver medal.
     P. Chesnokov left a vast musical heritage: the opera "Earth and Heaven" (after Byron), romances, choruses a cappella and with accompaniment and arrangements of folk songs.  The most essential and important part of his legacy is his sacred music.  After the revolution, Chesnokov lived as a choir conductor.  He took part in organizing the choir conducting department of the Moscow Conservatory, where he was one of the first professors.
     Chesnokov died on March 14th, 1944.

P. Chesnokov
(1877 - 1944)

Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Op. 42

Great Ektene "Bless the Lord, O My Soul"
"Glory to the Father and the Only-Begotten Son"
Small Ektene
"In Thy Kingdom Remember Us, O Lord"
"Come Let Us Worship"
"Lord, Save"
The Trisagion of Good Friday
After Reading the Apostolic Epistle
After Reading the Gospel
Litany of Fervent Supplication
Ektenes Before the Cherubic Hymn
The Cherubic Hymn

Ektene of Supplication
"The Greed"
"A Mercy of Peace"
"To Thee We Sing"
"It is Meet"
Ektene of Supplication "Our Father"
"Praise the Lord From the Heavens"


Total time - 70:00

text - Sergei Strigunov, Nikolai Georgievsky
tenor - Arkadi Leontiev
The Moscow Church of the Most Holy Mother of God Birth Choir
Conductor - Nikolai Georgievsky