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   Mily Balakirev is an outstanding representative of the Russian national symphonism.  
   Blakirev started composing Symphony I in C major in the 60s, but he managed to complete it only in 1897.  The premiere performance of the symphony took place in April of 1898 under the author's baton.
   The music's epic scope, colorful treatment of folk themes, combination of Russian and Oriental atmosphere, and usage of variation rates the symphony among the works of "the new Russian school."
   Blakairev mentioned about the pretext for composing of the symphonic poem "Russia" in the preface for the second edition.  "The inauguration of the memorial for the millennium of Russia in 1862 inspired me to compose the symphonic poem "Russia", which was originally published under the name "Millennium".  Three Russian folk songs from my collection laid the basis of the work.

M. Balakirev
(1837 - 1910)

         Symphony No. 1 in C Major
1. I.   Largo - Allegro vivo - 11:42
2. II.  Scherzo: Vivo - 6:53
3. III. Andante - 13:00
4. IV. Finale: Allegro moderato - 8:37

5.       Overture on Three Russian Songs - 8:22

6.      "Russia", symphonic Poem - 13:46

         Total time: 62:06

The USSR Symphony Orchestra
Conductor, Evgeni Svetlanov

Cover Painting - Demon and Tamara by Vrubel