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   In these recordings, the cultural tradition of performing music by J. S. Bach is presented by  pianists of different generations.
   Famous pianist, professor of the Moscow Conservatory, Tatiana Nikolaeva has proven herself to be an outstanding interpreter of all Bach's clavier heritage.  Since graduating from the Moscow Conservatory and being awarded the first prize at the International Bach Competition in Leipzig (1950), Nikolaeva constantly delves into the depths of the great master.
   In 1972, Larissa Dedova and Mikhail Volchok appeared at the Bach Competition in Leipzig with solo programmes.  Taking the second and first prizes, respectively.  Seven years later they performed in Leipzig again together as a duet.  "They seem to be created for joint performance.  They are not only in equal; they inspire each other." wrote a German reviewer.  The repertoire of the duo includes, besides clavier concertos by Bach, works of Mozart, Debussy, and Rachmaninov.
   In the 1730s, Bach became the leader of the Leipzig Student Musical Society "Collegium musicum".  He worked a great dead with the orchestra and conducted, sitting at the clavicembalo.  It was common for some of his sons to play the neighboring harpsichords.
   At that time concertos for one, two, three and four claviers and orchestra were very popular.  The traditional scheme of movement alterations can be seen in them: fast - slow - fast.  Each movement is notable for continuity of music flow, bright melodious images, and, especially felt in finales, festive, playful tones.

J. S. Bach

        Concerto No. 1 in C minor, BWV 1060
   1.  I.   Allegro  - 4:40
   2.  II.  Adagio  - 5:34
   3.  III. Allegro  - 3:30
        Concerto No. 2 in C major, BWV 1061
   4.  I.   Allegro   - 7:00
   5.  II.  Adagio ovvero. Largo  - 5:35
   6.  III. Fuga      - 5:07
        Concerto No. 3 in C minor, BWV 1062
   7.  I.   Allegro   - 4:01
   8.  II.  Andante - 6:24
   9.  III. Allegro assai  - 4:38

Larisso Dedova, Mikhail Volchok, pianos
The Leningrad Chamber Orchestra
Conductor, Vladimir Altshuler

         Concerto for Piano and Chamber Orchestra
   10. I.   Allegro  - 4:13
   11. II.  Larghetto  - 5:34
   12. III. Allegro ma non tanto  - 4:05

Tatiana Nikolaeva, piano
The Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra
Conductor, Saulius Sondeckis

             Total time - 60:43

Cover Design, Evgeni Kostitsyn